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Summer Smile Camp offer valid till 15th June

Summer Smile Camp offer valid till 15th June

Summer Smile Camp offer valid till 15th June


Our Treatment

 Cosmetic Dentistry
 Restorative Dentistry
 Prosthetic Dentistry
 Gum Treatment
 Dental Surgeries

Treatment Option

Cosmetic Dentistry

Bright Smile
Porcelain Veneers
Restorative Dentistry

Dental Decay
Fillings - Silver & White colored
Crowns & Bridges

Root canal Treatment
Endodontic Surgeries

Gum Treatment

Gum Therapy
PHASE 1 Non surgical
PHASE 2 Bone Grafting for Interdental Bone Loss

Prosthetic Dentistry

Single tooth implant
Complete Dentures
Removal Ridge/Semi flexible/Flexible
Partial Dentures
Fixed/implanted complete dentures
Fixed Partial Denturess
Dental Surgeries

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Splinting / Intradental arches Stabilizing

Child Dentistry

Hygiene Maintains programs
Pulpectomy with ss crown
Serial extraction and space maintenance
Sealants & Fluoride applications for Children
to prevent cavities occurrences

Correction Of Facioskeletal Profile by Orthopeadic and Myo Functional Appliances during growth period
For Boys up to 14 years
For Girls up to 12 years
Corrections of Dentofacial Profiles BY SURGERY
Correction of Crooked/Overlapped/Rotated Teeth / SPACING
Esthetical Correction Of Teeth with 3D Metal/
Ceramic / INVISIBLE LINGUAL braces

Take your child to an orthodontist for dental alignment check up at 7 years of age An early check-up is most beneficial not only for the teeth alignment but to diagnose, predict and intervene the jaw growth which is possible only by the orthodontist ,uniquely qualified to treat orthodontic problems.

In some sitiuation a patient may need to get some teeth extracted inorder to gain space for alignment and pushing the teeth back . Teeth are only removed after serious consideration. However, if the patient is referred to a qualified orthodontist at a young age and the problem is not severe, then the entire treatment may be carried out without tooth removal.

It is critical therefore to visit a dentist at the earliest sign of irregular teeth so that he may refer you to an orthodontist 20 percent relapse tendency is common in orthodontic treatment,so retainers are given to avoid that relapse. Successful orthodontic treatment is the result of not only by good orthodontist but also by a co-operative patient who is following the appointment and instructions properly to create a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a life time

Convenient centre hours permit a visit before or after work or school

Monday to Friday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sunday 5 pm to 9 pm

Our hospital closed for lunch from 2 pm to 5 pm. However, patients will have access to our doctors 24 hours a day in case of dental emergency arise. We want you to be free from dental disease, because prevention is better than cure, more pleasant and less expensive than treatment.